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The lessons on this site are designed to be studied online. This method is the quickest, easiest, and least expensive, so we strongly prefer it as the method our students use. To do this, please click here to return to our home page.

However, we realize that occasionally a student may have a serious reason for taking the courses in another format. For these unusual cases we are willing to offer the lessons by e-mail . However, once again please understand that the online courses are preferable for the student and for us. Also, the course on Mark is not available by e-mail. Those who take the courses by e-mail will begin with the course "Jesus Is Lord."

If you feel that e-mail is really the only way you can take the lessons, simply fill out the information below, including an explanation of your situation. (Requests are filled at our discretion.)

Please enter a request only for yourself or your family using an e-mail address you have permission to use. If you also wish to recommend our materials to someone else, please use the "Recommend" button at the bottom of this page!

Please type the following information carefully, especially your e-mail address.
When requests for material are not filled, the most common cause is a typing error in the e-mail address!

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