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Free Bible resources, study aids, materials, and books
Free Bible Study Resources and Helpful Materials

Below is a list of free Bible study articles, materials, and resources that may be helpful to students in studying our free Bible courses. 

Free Bible study resources and materials

The following free Bible study helps will answer your questions about religion, Christianity, doctrine, morals, and salvation from sin. Learn about the Christian gospel, morality, family relationships, the church, theology, denominations, the occult, comparative religions, etc. Written by David E. Pratte.

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The Bible

Authority: Divine vs. Human
Authority of Teaching of Apostles & Paul
Bible Authority and Inspiration
Bible Claims
Bible vs. Denominational Creeds
Bible Inspiration: Infallible, Inerrant, Verbal
Bible Instruction: Its Importance
Bible Preservation and Accuracy
Bible References by Topic
Bible Validation: How to Test It
Can We Understand the Bible?
Does the End Justify the Means?
Emotions in Authority and Worship

Examples: Are They Binding Authority?
False Teaching & Religious Error
How to Study the Bible
Is One Interpretation as Good as Another?
Modernism, Miracles, and the Bible
Necessary Inference/Conclusions as Authority
Old Law and Sabbath: Must We Keep them?
Old Testament Value
Test Your Bible Knowledge
Tradition as Religious Authority
Who Is Responsible to Obey Jesus' Law?
Noah's Flood: History or Legend?
Noah's Flood: Worldwide or Local?

Salvation from Sin

Salvation & Forgiveness of Sin
Why Do We Need Forgiveness of Sins?
How Can You Be Sure of Forgiveness?
Individual Responsibility in Salvation
Things that Are Essential to Salvation
Is Obedience Essential to Salvation?
Is Baptism Essential to Salvation?
God's grace and mercy (law & works)
Have You Been "Born Again"?
Importance of Repentance
"Faith Only" vs. Obedient Faith
What Must We Believe to Be Saved?
Why Must We Be "In Christ"?
Confessing Christ in Conversion
Will All Religious People Be Saved?

Jesus as Savior from Sin
Should Alien Sinners Pray for Salvation?
Should Babies Be Baptized?
Sprinkling, Pouring, or Immersion?
Calvinism and the Gospel
Election (predestination)
Once Saved, Always Saved (Eternal Security)
Original Sin (Inherited Depravity)
How to Benefit from Jesus' Blood
Baptism in what name (Jesus only)?
Baptisms: A Comparison
Imputation of Jesus' Sinless Life
Saved Like the Thief on the Cross?
Cornelius, Baptism, Faith & Holy Spirit
Pharisees: Who Were They Really?
Baptism for the Dead

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