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The Bible

Salvation from Sin

In-Depth Studies

Authority: Divine vs. Human
Bible Claims
Bible Inspiration: Infallible, Inerrant, Verbal
Bible Preservation and Accuracy
Bible Study: Its Importance
Bible Validation: How to Test It
Bible vs. Denominational Creeds
Tradition as Religious Authority
Is One Interpretation as Good as Another?
Must We Keep the Old Law and the Sabbath?
The Value of the Old Testament Today
Emotions in Authority and Worship
Does the End Justify the Means?
False Teaching & Religious Error
Can We Understand the Bible?
Take a Test of Your Bible Knowledge
Who Is Responsible to Obey Jesus' Law?
Authority of Teaching of Apostles & Paul
A List of Bible References by Topic
How to Study the Bible
Are Bible Examples Binding Authority?
Necessary Inference/Conclusions as Authority
Noah's Flood: History or Legend?
Noah's Flood: Worldwide or Local?

Brief Articles

The Importance of Truth in Religion
Why People Misunderstand the Bible

The Apocrypha & Canon of Scripture
Majority Rule in Religion?
Loving the Truth
Did Jesus Violate the Sabbath Law?
Can We Understand the Bible Alike?
Number Discrepancies in History

In-Depth Studies

Why Do We Need Forgiveness of Sins?
Individual Responsibility in Salvation
Things that Are Essential to Salvation
Jesus as Savior from Sin
Is Obedience Essential to Salvation?

Is Baptism Essential to Salvation?
How Can You Be Sure of Forgiveness?
"Faith Only" vs. Obedient Faith
What Must We Believe to Be Saved?
Have You Been "Born Again"?
Should Alien Sinners Pray for Salvation?
Confessing Christ in Conversion
God's grace and mercy (law & works)
Should Babies Be Baptized?
Sprinkling, Pouring, or Immersion?
Why Must We Be "In Christ"?
Importance of Repentance
Calvinism and the Gospel

Election (predestination)
Once Saved, Always Saved (Eternal Security)
Will All Religious People Be Saved?
Original Sin (Inherited Depravity)
Baptism in what name (Jesus only)?
How to Benefit from Jesus' Blood
Imputation of Jesus' Sinless Life
Saved Like the Thief on the Cross?
Pharisees: Who Were They Really?
Cornelius, baptism, faith & Holy Spirit
Baptisms: A Comparison

Brief Articles

Are You Born Again as a Child of God?
Paul's Teaching about Baptism - 1 Cor. 1:17
John the Baptist's Baptism
Who May Perform Baptisms?
Direct Operation of the Spirit - Calvinism
Forgiveness for People under the Old Law
Baptism for the Dead
Can We Be Forgiven of Serious Sins?
Does God Punish Children for Parents' Sins?
Have You Been "Saved Like Saul"?

The Family

Morality and Ethics

In-Depth Studies

Marriage, Home, & Family in the Bible
Bible Plan for Family Relations
Family Reading Booklist
Marriage Preparation & Improvement
Marriage & Religion
Purpose of Marriage
Permanence of Marriage
Maturity and Marriage
Marriage & Love
Responsibility & Honesty in Marriage
Marriage: Friends & In-laws
Roles of Husband and Wife in Marriage 
Marriage & Raising Children
Marriage & Sexual Purity
Seven Keys for Raising Godly Children
Key #1: Purpose
Key #2: Planning
Key #3: Love
Key #4: Instruction
Key #5: Authority
Key #6: Motivation
Key #7: Consistency
Solving Conflict in Marriage Relationships
Divorce, Remarriage, & the Family
UN Convention and Children's Rights Movement
Values Clarification/Humanism in Schools

Brief Articles

The Joys of Motherhood
Spanking & Corporal Punishment
Hating Parents & Children - Luke 14:26

In-Depth Studies

Bible Principles of Moral Conduct
Abortion: Pro-life or Pro-Choice?
Drug Abuse: Intoxication or Sobriety?
Gambling: Moral or Immoral?
Anger, Controlling Your Temper
Homosexuality: Lifestyle or Immorality?
Same-Sex Marriage & Homosexual Unions
Stealing, Theft, and Robbery
Drinking Alcoholic Beverages
Lying and deceitfulness
Slander, Gossip, and Spreading Rumors
Sexual Morality & the Family
Speech: Cursing, Profanity, Obscenity
Suicide: Moral or Immoral?
Hatred, Hate Speech, Hate Crimes
Animal Rights and Human Nature
Living Together Without Marriage
Human Use of Animals
Vegetarianism and Eating Meat

Brief Articles

Living Like Animals
Lying & Deceit vs. Truth & Honesty
Business & Financial Relations
Partial Birth Abortion
Homosexual/Gay Marriage
What Is True Freedom?
Cloning of Human Beings
Wearing Jewelry (Gold, Silver)
Eating Blood & Blood Transfusions

The Church


In-Depth Studies

Is Church Membership Essential to Salvation?
Why So Much Religious Confusion & Division?
How Can You Find & Identify Jesus' Church?
Name of Jesus' Church
The Proper Day for the Lord's Supper
Giving to Finance Church Work
How Many True Churches Are There?
Origin of Jesus' Church & Denominations
"God's Man, Faithful Abraham" (lyrics)
The Nature and Meaning of the Church
Importance of Attending Church Meetings
Does God Approve of Denominationalism?
Instrumental Music in Worship
Should We Observe Religious Holy Days?
Church Organization, Government, & Work
When Will Jesus' Kingdom Begin?
Is Jesus' Church the Same as His Kingdom?
Women preachers & Church Leaders
Sabbath Day or First Day of the Week?
Transubstantiation: Elements in Communion
Unity vs. Division according to the Bible
Foot Washing in Church Meetings
Local Church Responsibilities

Brief Articles

The Origin of Jesus' Church
Why So Many Different Denominations?
Is Sunday the Christian Sabbath?
Must Christians Tithe?
Undenominational Christians Today?
Elders, Bishops, & Pastors
Church Foundation: Jesus or Apostles?
Cleansing the Temple: Unauthorized Work
Does the Church Name Matter?

In-Depth Studies

Studies of the Father, Son, & Holy Spirit
Evidences for God, Jesus, & the Bible
Studies about Creation vs. Evolution
Direct Revelation & Miracles for Today?
Bible Teaching about the Holy Spirit
Creation: Significance of the Doctrine
Evolution: Its Consequences
Gospel of Physical Health and Wealth
Holy Spirit: a Being in the Godhead?
Indwelling of the Holy Spirit
Is Jesus Really Your Lord?
Jesus' Birth, Life, Death, Resurrection 
Jesus' Claims
Jesus' Deity: God in the Flesh
Jesus' Resurrection: the Evidence
Jesus' Resurrection: Its Significance
Jesus as Savior from Sin
Number of Persons in God (Jesus Only/Trinity)
Providence of God in Human Affairs
Saul's Conversion & Jesus' Resurrection

Brief Articles

The Existence of God
The Transfiguration of Jesus
Jesus & the Power to Forgive Sins
Holy Spirit as Earnest/Seal
Living as Christians Man & His Future

In-Depth Studies

Discipleship/Living as a Christian
God Helps Your Troubles & Problems
How to Change Yourself (Self-improvement)
You Can Serve God Successfully
Power of Prayer
Relations between Races & Nationalities
Meekness & Humility vs. Pride & Egotism
Steps to Spiritual Maturity
What Is Required after Baptism?

Brief Articles

Duties to Civil Government
Are You a Saint?
Christians in Political Issues?
What Does It Mean to Love God?
Deny self & Take Up Your Cross
Avoiding Temptation While Befriending Sinners
Character Counts in Civil Rulers
True Greatness by Serving Others

In-Depth Studies

Life after Death, Resurrection, Judgment
The Meaning & Purpose of Life
Jesus' Second Coming
Judgment Day
Premillennialism & Jesus' Kingdom
Does Jesus Reign as King & Priest?
What Is Satan Like?
Is Jesus' Kingdom Earthly or Spiritual?
What Is God's Plan for the Future of Israel?
Predictions of the Gospel & Jesus' Death
Millennium, Rapture, & Jesus' Return
Reincarnation, Karma, & Nirvana

Brief Articles

Judgment Day: Are You Ready?
When Will Jesus Return?
The Purpose & Meaning of Life
Man in the Image of God
State of Man between Death & Judgment

Creation & Evolution Miracles & the Holy Spirit

In-Depth Studies

The Significance of Creation
Creation as a Miracle
The Consequences of Evolution
Bible References about Creation
Days of Creation: Literal or Long Ages?

Brief Articles

Dinosaurs, Creation, & the Flood

In-Depth Studies

Bible Teaching about the Holy Spirit
Is the Holy Spirit a Being in the Godhead?
Nature of Spiritual Gifts
Purpose of Spiritual Gifts
Imparting of Spiritual Gifts
Duration of Spiritual Gifts
The Indwelling of the Holy Spirit

Brief Articles

Holy Spirit Baptism and Water Baptism

Religious Groups Miscellaneous Studies

In-Depth Studies

Catholicism in Light of Scripture
Hinduism vs. Christianity
Islam vs. Christianity
Judaism and the Gospel of Jesus
Buddhism or Christianity?
Jehovah's Witness Teaching about Baptism
Jehovah's Witnesses; Watchtower Society
Psychology, Guilt, & Moral Responsibility
Mary's Glory, Power, and Honor
Book of Mormon Compared to the Bible
Mormonism - Tests of Revelation
Mormonism and Bible Prophecies
Da Vinci Code, Pagan Feminism, Gnosticism
Astrology, Horoscopes, & the Zodiac
The Occult, Witchcraft, & Psychics
Humanism, Atheism, & Materialism
Animal Liberation & PETA
Religious Views of Animal Rights
Marxism (Communism) and the Bible
Transcendental Meditation

Brief Articles

Criticizing Other Religions
Speaking to the Dead, Mediums

In-Depth Studies

Should We Oppose the Sins of Others?
The Papacy: Was Peter the First Pope?

Brief Articles

Woman in Adultery & Opposing Sin
Where Did Cain Get His Wife?
1 Cor. 3 - Building on Jesus' Foundation

Miscellaneous Pages

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